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Franny is a stereotypical nagging wife, but Jackson delivers her lines with so much vitriol that it’s hard not to cheer for her when she is the only person who has the guts to tell Ty exactly how screwed up he is.


-MD Theatre Guide on "All This Intimacy" 

Slimbeam+ Commercial

Special recognition goes to...Anna Jackson and Chris Galindo, who received the majority of laughs for their hilarious pairing as a cowardly monster.


-DC Metro Theatre Arts on "Rapunzel"

What the Critics Are Saying...or anyone really....

The look of appalled astonishment on Jackson’s face in the process is priceless. In this scene as in others, Jackson shows she is surely one of the finest comic actors on the DC theater scene.

The acting is uniformly tip-top, but special mention must be made of Anna Jackson’s remarkable performance.


-DC Metro Theatre Arts on "Giant Box of Porn" 

Jackson’s performance in particular stands out. As Kate’s careful life plan is challenged, Jackson balances confidence, mania, and vulnerability with a great sense of comic timing. Jackson’s Kate is not always likeable, but she’s loveable.





-Washington City Paper on "Giant Box of Porn"

The undeniable center of the play is Jackson’s scene-stealing performance. She plays a very recognizably driven, goal-oriented, anal-retentive type of late-20-something woman living in the nation’s capital, and to her credit, she never lets her portrayal slip into something shrill.




-DC Theatre Scene on "Giant Box of Porn"

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