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"...In this scene as in others, Jackson shows she is surely one of the finest comic actors on the DC theater scene.”  

-John Stoltenberg on Anna Jackson as Kate in "Giant Box of Porn"

Exciting Upcoming Endeavors

Industry Showcase with MAKING OUR SPACE

Feature Film with Blu DeGolyer

Fall 2024

38 Years of Acting, Singing, and Shenanigans...

1986: A star is born (not the movie, that came before...and after) in Washington, DC weighing in with the heavyweights at 5 pounds.

1986-1989: Enjoys life as an only child and being the parental favorite, until her genius sister is born in 1989.

1990-1997: Attends Pre-K through elementary school. Loves swimming, singing, and retiring to her parents' basement to play records of The Four Tops and dancing for hours. Alone.

1998: Begins taking singing lessons, decides she wants to be a country singer.

1999-2004: Gets Bat Mitzvahed, somehow makes it through the torturous high school years, and applies to colleges as a music major.

2009: Graduates UNC School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

2010: Gets bitten by the acting bug and starts doing musicals and plays in DC. She goes on to teach creative drama in early childhood classrooms and professional development for arts integration.

2016: Decides it's finally time for some official acting training and moves to NYC to attend the Stella Adler Studio 3-year conservatory.

2016-2019: Performs in numerous plays at school, learns a TON, gets in trouble for being too sassy, graduates, and is thrown to the wolves.



                                                                                 AND WE ARE BACK!

2020-2021: Things start opening up again. Films a few shorts during the pandemic, her first TV pilot, and her first commercial for Slimbeam+ in a mansion in Connecticut. 

2021-PRESENT: Continues to learn and grow as an actor, takes classes, meets incredible people, and continues to dream big!

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